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Sport, Performance & Exercise Psychology

Well-being, Participation, Performance


I am pursuing a PhD in Human Kinetics - Sport Psychology in the School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at Laurentian University.

I hold a M.Sc. in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Staffordshire University, UK. As a sport and exercise psychology practitioner, I have experience of working with amateur and professional athletes and teams across sports. My role is to guide athletes to understand the psychological demands of sport and help them develop key mental skills to navigate challenges, by effectively integrating mental training in their journey. I draw from research-oriented strategies and knowledge to provide personalized and consistent support to athletes and teams for enhancing well-being, participation, and performance.


My experience of playing competitive soccer at Pune Football Club has been integral in shaping my practice and research interests, and partly informs my applied work alongside a research-oriented lens.



My research revolves around elite athlete mother identities and the exploration of media narratives in (digital) storytelling. I have experience of working as a Research Assistant on a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Grant Project.


I am interested in qualitative research methods such as narrative inquiry and creating knowledge translation products based on research projects.

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, I have delivered guest lectures for undergraduate level courses such as Mental Training in Sport Psychology and Sport Psychology.

My ultimate goal is for my research and practice to interact with each other to inform my work with research institutions and sport teams.

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Sport Psychology

At the heart of sport, focusing on technical skills, tactical knowledge, fitness, and psychological preparation is fundamental for athletes and teams to develop, and enhance mental well-being, participation and performance.


With an openness to learn along with committed and structured practice, sport psychology becomes a habit of being. Athletes and teams leverage mental training to anticipate and overcome challenges by learning to be equipped with key mental skills, and identify and capitalize on their strengths for overall development.


Mental performance is an integral piece of the sport journey. My aim is to guide athletes to have positive experiences and harness the potential of the mind and heart through developing essential skills such as awareness, confidence, composure, concentration, motivation, and handling pressure.

Ultimately, sport demands as much dedicated psychological efforts off the field as on the field to progress consistently and discover one’s playing potential.


I adopt a person-centered approach to working with athletes to provide proactive and structured sport psychology support by creating a nonjudgmental and open space – for athletes to reflect, develop, perform, and enjoy their sport. I am passionate about encouraging athletes to take care of their mental well-being and to play sport with a deep inner purpose.



Initial Consultation

A free 30-minute session to introduce you to my work and discuss how I can best support you/your team towards your goals.


Educational and practice-oriented workshops aimed at equipping coaches, parents and sport science professionals with relevant sport psychology principles & strategies to support athletes to improve mental well-being, participation and performance.

Individual Sessions

50-minute one-on-one mental training session personalized to your goals, needs and interests in sport or exercise.

Team/Group Sessions

30 to 60-minute team mental training session aimed at integrating mental training into a team's routine and developing team performance. Personalized to suit the team's goals and needs.

Content Writing

Writing articles, creating posters, infographics and podcasts for sport academies and organizations to encourage active mental training.

Creating knowledge translation digital products for research projects.

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