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Weaving Cultures Through Carpets

Carpet making in progress at the Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre in Darjeeling, India.

 Hillside Sanctuary

Residents at the Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre in Darjeeling, India play a traditional game.

 Cultural Commitments of Bhutan

A woman weaves colourful warm stoles at a handicraft store in Bhutan.

  Breath of Fresh Air

A dzong - an administrative space, with a beautiful garden comes alive with clouds and blue skies.

I am a nature and documentary photographer, with a penchant for capturing and sharing experiences immersed in nature and simple living. I have been drawn to the camera since I can remember as a way of seeking stillness and absorbing intangible experiences words can hardly describe. 


I wish to explore spaces which give rise to myriad experiences, events, and lifestyles soaked in nature and culture, guided by a sense of being. I strive to create honest and evocative imagery, while learning and unlearning on the go. Like a sculptor chiselling away at the inessentials, I aim to keep only what truly matters in my compositions — a genuine portrayal of our surroundings and ourselves. My work has been featured in group exhibitions in Europe, specifically in Athens, Chania, and Berlin. 

I also enjoy exploring analog photography and photo printing processes. I'm always excited to meet and work with new people who share the admiration for visual storytelling. If you would like to share your story, I would be eager to help you find the visual narrative you are seeking. For collaborations, please reach out.

Group Exhibitions:

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